Origins of Rekonnect:

Rekonnect is a Medical Device Success Platform developed by an innovative start-up called Knologram. Our company is based in the Swedish city of Malmö, and the city combined with Copenhagen and Lund is a modern hub of technology and healthcare innovation. The region has adopted the name “Medicon Valley”, in reference to Silicon Valley in the US and its similar approach to nurturing innovation.

Rekonnect: Medical Device Success Reimagined

The Discovery Phase:

In 2020, our team was working with a Swedish MedTech company as consultants for developing training films for their radiology device. These were detailed instructional films, directed toward both device users, and engineers who maintained them.

In the process of shooting and editing training films, there was a realization that the company had no suitable home for the content, aside from highly unsuitable video streaming platforms such as Vimeo or YouTube. This would have meant distributing sensitive corporate knowledge about a complex medical device into the public domain.

Ideation to realization:

By the later months of 2020, our team had built a working knowledge management portal that our client (the MedTech company) was able to upload, and distribute critical device-related content to healthcare professionals around the globe, whilst restricting access to the general public.

This would redefine our understanding of what growth MedTech companies‘ needs were for corporate knowledge management, including maintaining a database of device users, delivering on-boarding and training, all the way through to offering professional certification — all within the platform we built.

Innovation Award:

In May of 2021, the Knologram team won the Minc innovation award, leaving the panel of 12 judges convinced of the genuine need for a digitalised knowledge management platform for MedTech. The strategy from then was to take the product from the prototype, all the way through to a full-fledged SaaS business, whilst keeping true to the vision of contributing to better global patient care and helping MedTech companies to decentralize healthcare.

In the 8 months, we have been in Minc (Malmö’s business incubator) we have grown the team, recruiting CTO Pontus Berggren, and expanding our advisory board to include Ingela Hallberg (MedTech and Healthcare Advisor), Urban Bergquist (Business and Tech Advisory) and our the always dependable financial advisor David Ivarsson.

Birth of Rekonnect:

Rekonnect is built on Microsoft Azure — it’s both a modern and lightweight solution to delivering content globally, with ring-fenced security and without long loading times.

Today we are a team of 9 professionals working on a pilot project with 7 Nordic MedTech companies, testing and contributing to our product Rekonnect. In June (2022) we will launch the first version of Rekonnect and look to raise a pre-seed investment round.

Want to learn more about Rekonnect & Knologram?:

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Rekonnect - Medical Device Success

Rekonnect, an B2B SaaS platform that empowers MedTech companies achieve post-market success by combing both device and user success in one-platform.