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Author: Shaheera Mudasar Linkedin: Rekonnect

How Should MedTech Companies Train for the Future?


The dependence of our global healthcare systems on medical devices makes innovation within MedTech increasingly important. The increased pressure on healthcare systems around the world, post-pandemic, justifies surging demand for complex medical devices which results in a need for more reliable training solutions for cross-training users of medical devices.

Currently, in Europe, there are more than 500,000 medical technologies being used for improved patient care, in both hospitals and homes, indicating the necessity for successful deployment. Medical Device Success can be achieved by ensuring users fully understand the devices’ functionality, usability, risks to patients, and most importantly it’s value.

Get to know more about the importance of learning management in MedTech in the following snippets.

1. Faster Approach towards training in MedTech

The use of technology is the basis for the development and deployment of any medical device, but it cannot be deployed effectively if the users are not trained well enough for mitigating the risks. The medical Device Market provides a full spectrum of devices covering diagnostics and treatment which offer a wide range of benefits if the device’s end users are not lacking vital device knowledge and are properly trained in the device’s functionality.

With Rekonnect, you can help medical device users to learn about medical technology with virtual device management and digital training for more practical use in a live healthcare environment.

2. Raising Productivity with E-training

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a clear understanding that professional medical device users lack time to train, which is essential in providing immediate care in a crisis. The need for MedTech solutions seems even more valuable now, in providing an operational environment to train device users proactively.

Manufacturers of medical devices are looking for reliable and secure ways to train their device users through remote or hybrid solutions to avoid any lagging problems because of geographical gaps between them and their end users.

With a proper learning management system, users can get up to speed with the device as quickly as possible and that is where we can see the significance of hybrid training for Device Success.

3. A Way to Gain Users’ Success in MedTech

M&A funding fell by more than half in the second quarter of 2022, while digital health saw its share drop 32%, but the MedTech industry stayed resilient during this economic downturn.

Considering the facts and demands of Health IT, e-learning is trending more in this sector and Rekonnect is offering the first-ever centralized solution for learning management and customer service in the MedTech field.

Hybrid training is a proven method for informing and updating healthcare providers on a device, by giving them a flexible platform to learn about the usage of a medical device outside of a critical healthcare scenario.

4. Keeping Device Performance in check

Medtech companies need a platform suitable for both digitally training their device users and processing their feedback data to measure the device’s performance as well. Customer experience and feedback are a direct source of knowing a device’s performance and durability in critical healthcare environments and this check can help taking improved decisions for developing better life-saving technologies.

Device performance is something that cannot be overlooked especially in the MedTech industry so by allowing the system to keep an eye on different outcomes, the risk of errors can be reduced to a minimum.

5. World-wide User Access

Conventional methods of training and learning are becoming obsolete and the emphasis on digital training is getting stronger these days. An important key point of a learning management system is to focus on improved quality and minimizing face-to-face training costs. Thanks to IT infrastructure, learning management systems can give full User Success by avoiding geographical and cultural challenges and saving time. It is an effective way to train device users from all around the world and especially when the system supports multi-languages.

Conclusion: Combining MedTech and LMS is Leading to a Promising Future

Where new devices and technology are outlining the advanced methods of the medical industry, learning management solutions can be proved productive in lots of manners like digitally training device users from all around the world, saving cost, reducing chances of error, and increasing revenue.

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