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Author: Shaheera Mudasar Linkedin: Rekonnect

How can MedTech manufacturers harness Customer Gratification using Customer Feedback?


Users play the most vital role in validating a medical technology and therefore considering their point of view in designing a device and later valuing their feedback can not only help you reach significant goals of innovation and improvement but also in gaining customer trust and loyalty. Customer experience and feedback add value to your devices and help you improve the performance of medical apparatus along with the end goal of reaching User Success.

1. The Purpose of Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is the insight that users provide after engaging with a device or a service. It is a methodology for mining information to gain a competitive advantage and taking intelligent device development decisions on the basis of customer needs.

In the Medical technology industry, customer feedback takes extra significance as device users are performing life-saving procedures with the help of complex medical devices. At Rekonnect we know the significance of customer feedback and its criticality in MedTech, therefore our platform provides an effective method to gather this valuable resource directly from device users, perfect for improving device quality and customer experience.

2. Aligning Device Innovation with Customer Feedback

When designing a medical device, user needs and device usage in critical conditions are kept in mind but when end users in real-time use them it leads to knowing more about their demands and requirements of the device.

Device manufacturers can have knowledge about the device’s performance, practical application, implementation, and other functional aspects from the end user’s perspective which matters because in the end Device Success depends on how well it will perform in a clinical environment.

Customer feedback can act as a guiding source in learning about the device operating in a critical environment. It is important for device developers to learn all about the flaws, loopholes, advantages, and users’ real-life experiences with the device so that it can be used in deciding essential aspects of improving the device aligned with user demands and increasing sales rep productivity as well.

3. Gaining and Measuring Customer Satisfaction

The medical device industry is one of the high stakes in terms of investments, time and effort put into research, and the close cooperation of end users is essential to developing safe and effective devices. The cost of poor quality (COPQ) can be severe which means manufacturers need to stay compliant with current regulations or risk losing business from their customers in this highly competitive market space.

For Medical Device Success, Rekonnect allows MedTech developers to be aware of device users’ opinions collecting and storing them to improve the device in a way that gains’ contentment.

4. Thriving in the market

The European Medical Device Market is continuously progressing at an average growth rate of 2–4% every year. With continually evolving developments in the medical field, innovations in medical devices are mandatory to fit the current medical procedures and treatments.

Advanced Medical Devices

To stay competitive in the market with MDR now in effect puts a significant strain on medical device manufacturers. Within new European regulations (MDR), there is an emphasis on getting clinical data for market access and device success in the market. Customer feedback can be very resourceful in getting device performance data to help generate reports and take calculated device decisions accordingly.

5. Maintaining Customer Confidence

With the MDR deadline looming over the horizon, competing against the big market leaders can be hard for small medical companies, but learning from them and valuing end users’ feedback to take appropriate actions on the bases of this feedback data can lead to increased customer retention and heightened revenue generation.

While trying and testing any device with end users is essential, being aware of their experience with the device is equally important. Both positive and negative feedback can be beneficial for improving the devices so with Rekonnect you can provide better Customer Service to end users and get their opinions to gain their confidence in return.


Getting customer feedback is as critical in MedTech as much as in any other industry. Rekonnect provides the perfect interface for gaining customer feedback and analyzing it. This information can guide future innovative decisions about the device, as well as whether this has been effective in return on investment (ROI), all at one centralized platform. In short, customer feedback is key to delivering a great device experience. This allows for smoother improvements and higher satisfaction rates with both the device as well as the device users!

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Rekonnect, an B2B SaaS platform that empowers MedTech companies achieve post-market success by combing both device and user success in one-platform.

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Rekonnect - Medical Device Success

Rekonnect, an B2B SaaS platform that empowers MedTech companies achieve post-market success by combing both device and user success in one-platform.